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In 1985 Rev. Jessie Jackson,
on CBS 60 Minutes, brought national attention to a County in Mississippi known as “Sugar Ditch”. The documentary exposed that Tunica’s “Sugar-Ditch” was the poorest county in the United States, calling it “America’s Ethiopia” Read More




Spreading the message of Christ.





About Dennis

Dennis is a walking inspirational story and has begun to spread his message as well as his gift to the world. He has a passion for people especially youth. He has engage audiences all over from rich to poor, black to white. Click HERE to visit my GoFundMe account.

Booking & Information

For booking or more information, Contact Dennis at 901-289-4604, or Coachd92@gmail.com

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Services Offered

Motivational Speaker

- Inspiring people from rich to poor to accomplish their dreams and visions with a sound realistic plan.


- Spreading the message of Christ. Pouring back into people, giving them hope and basic spiritual principle from the bible.

Public Speaking

- captivating, animated, and inspiring, sharing his message of hope and success.

Youth Services

- Motivating and inspiring messages to young people of guidance, hope, direction, emotional stability, mental strength, and task oriented.


- As a former basketball coach Dennis bring a broad prospective of knowledge, skill, experiences and organization to athletes from all walks of life. Also, as a former college basketball player he understand the mentality of the athlete and can identify with their mind set. Dennis is an inspiring individual that can reach people at any level.

- Dennis F. Turner

The Boy from the Ditch